Your success over time is your deliberate and intentional success every time.

Your success over the years is an accumulation of your success every year.

Your success after many days is a summation of your success every day.

I know you want to graduate with first class honours, start by making As in each course this semester…

I know you want to be a “big name” after 10years…how big is your name today on your current space?

I know you want to be on Forbes list by the year 2023…begin by making it to the top wealthiest in your family, clan, village etc this year…

The point of my message is, Start somewhere…that somewhere is today.

Krys Nnaemeka

Written by admin
Krys Nnaemeka is a dynamic, young and Ebuberized believer. He is an entrepreneur, a published author, a recorded artist and a vibrant Youth Pastor in the Redeemed Christian Church of God.